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Underwater Scooter LEFEET C1 Seagull

LEFEET C1 - Most Versatile Modular Water Scooter

Featuring dual 200W motors, LEFEET C1 offers a powerful thrust underwater. Its compact and modular design bring excellent user experience, and the dual-motor is stable and easy to operate.

2-Speed Gear
LEFEET C1, with two speed gears that allow you to go from 1.3m/s to 1.6m/s in a maximum depth of 30 meters underwater.

Modular Design
Featuring 3 Modes, LEFEET C1 is a modular, transformable, multifunctional water scooter, which allows an entire family to enjoy aquatic activities without sacrificing its ability to explore the ocean.

Lighter, Stronger, Reliable
With a weight of only 2.7kg, LEFEET C1 is lighter than ever before, which means you can take it with you anywhere. Despite its portability, the LEFEET C1 packs a lot of power thanks to that efficient BLDC motor.

Gopro Friendly
Thanks to the built-in camera mount, you can attach your GoPro to LEFEET C1 easily!

Wireless Control
We're proud to say: one-click simple pairing makes your control easier than ever!

Weight: 3kg(including battery)

Depth: 30m

Speed: 1,3-1,6 m/s

Endurance time: 25-45 mins

Charging Time: 2h

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