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Underwater Scooter LEFEET S1 PRO 2 in 1


Modular Design & Compact

Mix and match parts and accessories to suit your needs. Combinations

include: standard mode, 2-in-1 booster, one-hand grip, scuba tank mount,

and paddle board mount.

Wireless Control &


One click of the remote control and explore like never before. You can

connect up to 10 LEFEET S1 PRO (within 150cm /0.40in radius) for

unimaginable power, speed and extra time in the water.

Long-Lasting & User-Replaceable Battery

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Average runtime:35-70 minutes


Remove and replace battery in 5 seconds

Works up 40 meters/130 feet deep.

The patent-grade waterproof seal ensures a worry-free underwater


New And Improved Propeller Design

High-performance underwater propeller made of carbon fiber. It's lighter, stronger, corrosion resistant and with a more powerful electric jet propulsion.

Premium Frame Made To Last

Echoing the strength of the sea, the metal frame is made using aviation-grade aluminum alloy and high-performance carbon fiber composite. Its practical design gives the LEFEET S1 PRO its distinctive, elegant look that keeps you powered on your watersports adventures.

Weight: 5.51lbs/2.5kg(including battery)

Size: 11.8" x 11.8" x 6.3" (Including Handle Bracket)

Working temperature: 0°C ~40°C Waterproof

Depth: 40m

Speed: 1,8 m/s

Endurance time: 45-70 mins for the main unit 2.5 hours for the remote controller

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