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EFOIL WaveShark Sport


WaveShark Sport

Experience an all new highly maneuverable foil for advanced riders. Equipped with a compact 5-foot hull, aluminum mast, and a special compact racing wing.

The WaveShark Foil 2 Sport represents an agile, responsive board ideal for executing tricks and high-speed maneuvers.

Size : 1530x605x1000mm

Volume : 89litres

Dynamic Design

The WaveShark Foil 2 Sport features a compact 5 foot hull compatible with the R008 racing wing for maximum speed and maneuverability.

Unrivalled Agility and Control

A stiff corrosion-proof aluminum mast enables ultra-responsive turning at high speeds.

Advanced Motor

An all-new high tech motor system enables extra smooth acceleration with minimal noise.

A New Experience

The WaveShark Foil 2 Sport represents a challenging experience for advanced foil riders. A smaller board size, low volume racing fin, and aluminum mast enable extremely tight cornerning at high speeds.

Sophisticated Engineering

The WaveShark Foil 2 Sport features award-winning design and engineering. Top-of-the line safety and stabilization technology ensure you'll never be disappointed.

All new, All improved

A new motor, new wing option, new board hull, vibrant red colorway, and new aluminum mast combines to create a compact, maneuverable board.

Sport S011 Wing

Key Features: A medium wing with a balance of speed, stability, and agility. Excellent for intermediate riders.

Suitable for:Intermediate riders

Ride time: 120 min

Assembled board weight: 34 kg

Battery Charging time: 2,5 hrs

Top speed: 50 km/h

Dimensions: 1530 x 605 x 1000mm

Max Load: 100kg

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