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EFOIL Mantafoils Volt 3 Carbon

Carbon 65L
Advanced Level
rider weight <85kg
The Carbon 65L is the most extreme board of the range. Its low volume and size makes it the perfect toy for advanced riders looking for riding with lightest equipment.
The narrow shape allows high carving angles and high speed.

Carbon 95L
All Levels
rider weight <90kg
The Carbon 95L features high rigidity and medium volume for good all around performance.

Included items: Efoil, board, remote control, 28Ah battery, charger, bags, wing covers, tefgel, reelX.

The volt efoil just got better!

Top speed: 45 km/h - 28 mph

Battery capacity: 50Ah - 2.6kWh

Battery Charging time: 2.5 hrs - fast charger, 4.5 hrs - Std charger

Assembled board weight: 32kg - 70lbs

Ride time: 140 min - up to 180 min (light rider)

Engine rated power: 6,000 W - 9,000W (peak)

Remote Charging: Wireless

Max rider weight: 110kg - 250lbs

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