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Water bike Kaicycles LUX

The Kaicyles ™ LUX model is an innovative concept of electric water bike with a unique design and for one or two people as well as being very easy to use and respectful with the environment. You can enjoy your favorite beach as a couple and in silence with the maximum convenience, comfort and safety.

The Kaicyles ™ LUX model is an innovative concept of Electric Water Scooter with an exclusive design that is very easy to use for one or two people.

Totally respectful with the environment with which you can navigate discovering new horizons in complete silence in a comfortable and safe way. It offers an ecological and economical alternative for lovers of jet skis with an electric motor without any type of maintenance, making it ideal for boat rental companies.

Incorporate a 1.5HP electric outboard engine with 0 emissions and a 12v 50A lithium battery that can be recharged with solar energy.

With more than enough autonomy to cover long distances and carry out your favorite water activities. You will be able to navigate whenever and wherever you want as it is fully removable as well as being easy to transport.

Very light since its manufacture consists of an optimized naval aluminum chassis and last generation double-layer PVC floats. Approximate weight of 70Kg.

Installation of maximum power 3.3Kw. according to the Spanish regulations of nautical artifacts.